Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property (IP) is a source of shareholder value. If your enterprise professionals do not have IP rights front and center during their project and product development work, shareholder value and competitive advantage is slipping away.

Domani professionals continually ask the question (and have the expertise to answer) if the subject matter is patentable. We offer customizable training for your teams embarking on significant development initiatives to recognize patentable subject matter. We can also facilitate the documentation process necessary for a patent filing.

Law Firms

We assist you and your clients with the documentation of the idea on which intellectual property protection is being sought. We focus on the descriptions and diagrams that describe the often times narrow subject matter under consideration.

By interviewing the subject matter experts and “idea-generators” we are able to define the scope of the invention for the patent application that you file. Having industry professionals perform this work instead of other attorneys or paralegals saves time and expense, allowing the firm to focus on higher revenue-generating activities.

Depend on Domani to drive your innovative ideas to industry-leading firsts, further increasing your competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.


Intellectual Property

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